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Infant Room

Our Infant Room is a welcoming environment where children are encouraged to explore freely. Our Infant Program is conducive to providing a range of different settings to promote quality care.The focus of the Infant Room is to provide a curriculum which enhances the development of each child's fine and gross motor skills. The teacher in the classroom recognizes the individual child and bases the learning experiences for the whole classroom to include individual milestones. This program also recognizes the family’s needs and works together with the parents to provide the best care for the individual child.

Transition Ones

Our Transition One’s classroom is a stepping stone to more child directed independence. The teacher in this classroom works with both the Infant Room's teacher and the One’s Room teacher to help support the individual child. This classroom provides a supportive environment to help the transitioning infant to become a successful toddler.

Toddler Ones & Two's
These classrooms focus on the structured needs of a toddler. There is a routine consisting of morning activities, snack and mealtimes, quiet and rest time, afternoon activities, and outdoor play. The curriculum is adapted to the ever changing interests of a developing toddler. Age appropriate activities are offered to help the toddler in the areas of fine motor and gross motor skills, cognitive development, and social/emotional development.
This classroom is a creative, supportive and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to develop independence and self control while exposed to teaching strategies that help them to become successful learners. 
Learning is encouraged through a curriculum that offers small as well as large group opportunities.

Pre-Kindergarten is for children ages 4-5 who have not entered Kindergarten yet. Our goal in this classroom is to prepare children for Kindergarten; by introducing them to the skills needed for academic success. These skills include but are not limited to math, science, social studies, reading, writing, and socializing. Our teachers work very hard on preparing a curriculum that touches on all developmental domains, as well as providing a classroom that is fun and exciting. They also prepare a new environment each month where children can learn through  play and role modeling.

Summer Program

All children who will be entering Kindergarten or higher in the fall are eligible for the summer program.  Pre-registration is required for this program.  

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